Cloud & Application Security

Cloud Security

SecOps Automation

Cloud security orchestration automation and response

Our end-to-end solution will maximize your SIEM, SOC and SOAR coverage and boost your security team productivity 10x compared to manual processes.

Ensuring an optimized SecOps and Incident Response program is a complex and time-consuming task that demands a diverse skill set.

Despite having the best available technology and tools, SecOps requires continuous effort and can be hindered by alert fatigue and false positives.

As industry veterans, we have accumulated years of experience and devised customized security automation solutions for numerous clients from various industries. Our battle-tested strategies have been tried and tested in real-world scenarios, making us experts in the field.

Our solution will help you maximize your security team productivity 10x compared to manual processes by implementing customized automation across the incident detection and response lifecycle. ​

Our unique approach is based on the following elements:
  1. Our team is based of experienced, hands-on Engineers, Analysts, and IR Automation specialists 
  2. Vendor agnostic automation and playbooks across all cyber-security domains
  3. Automated enrichment, triage, prioritization, and remediation actions
  4. Measurable KPIs and ROI

Security infrastructure & Tools

Microsoft – office 365 & Azure AD security 

We are experts in securing Microsoft office 365 and Azure environments. 

We have the knowledge to design and implement and support all Microsoft security tools.

Office 365 & Azure AD security
  • Email security
  • Defender for office
  • Office security 
  • One drive and SharePoint
  • Endpoint security
Azure security
  • Intune Policy
  • Azure AD 
  • Microsoft defender for cloud
  • Sentinel

AWS security

We can consult design implement and secure the AWS cloud environment.

We have experience on AWS Nimbus project as a security consultant.

  • AWS security infrastructure
  • AWS Security tools
  • Knowledge with Nimbus project
  • Identity and access management
  • Network and application protection
  • Data protection
  • Compliance

GCP Security

Our security experts will assist you to design and implement. 

  • Security Automation incident and response methodology.
  • Chronical SIEM / SOAR

Application Security

Code review -manual & automatic, Penetration Test, SDLC

We’ll implement and manage your SDLC (Secure Development Lifecycle) and Cloud Security Posture in a frictionless and productive way.

We take ownership and deliver a contextual, focused, and tangible vulnerability management lifecycle. ​

The Secure Development Lifecycle is a complicated process that requires careful planning, collaboration, and ongoing attention. We’ve managed such programs for multiple customers globally over the years and gained a unique accumulated experience.

Our hands-on engineers and security architects will become a part of your team and do the heavy lifting for you. Our unique approach is based on the following elements: ​
  1. Our team is based on experience, hands-on Engineers, and Security Architects
  2. We specialize in end-to-end, fully managed, Process Driven SSDLC Programs
  3. Focused, Vendor Agnostic remediation plan adjusted to the Product backlog.
  4. We own the administration overhead and program management.

In addition, we own the program management: Triaging, Fine-tuning, mitigation life-cycle management, reporting, KPI tracking, etc.

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