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NAC - Visibility & control 

The ForeScout platform, considered a leading Device Visibility & Control system, constitutes a tool for command and control of all network components in the organization, and provides (among other things) the most advanced NAC solution in the world.

BCP – Business Continuity and Continuous Operations

Is your organization prepared for business continuity and continuous operations by force of regulation and/or other business considerations? 


ForeScout IoT/OT (Operational Technology)



CyberIL offers any organization seeking business continuity, as an outcome of regulation or for any other reason, preparation of a plan for continuous operations using a methodology including several main stages:

  • BIA – Business Impact Analysis: analysis of all work processes in the organization and mapping of critical processes, including the effect of realization of disaster scenarios on each process.

  • BCP – Business Continuity Plan: defining the solutions for continuous business operations for each process

Are the IoT/OT systems in your organization protected by an adequate security envelope?  Are all elements connected to the OT networks mapped and monitored? Are you aware of the anomalies that arise in the operational environment of your organization?

CyberIL serves as the leading integrator in Israel for global ForeScout Technologies, provider of security solutions for IT/OT/IoT systems. 

The system monitors all of the traffic in the aim of identifying anomalies in the network. ForeScout works in collaboration with leading ICS suppliers in industry, in order to identify and analyze the protocols and vulnerabilities.



Odix solution is specifically focused on providing comprehensive network protection by preventing malware attacks – without the massive investment in detection and remediation associated with existing technology.

Odix is a content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology company that provides preventative cybersecurity solutions to enterprises of all sizes. odix` technology prevents the insertion of malware to organizational networks by removing all malicious code from a wide range of file types. Unlike traditional CDR technologies, odix` solutions are effective against both known and unrecognized malware.

CyberIL LTD  

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