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CyberIL provides leading and comprehensive technological solutions to the growing needs of companies and organizations that strive to improve the level of information security, manage cyber threats, respond and recover from cyber attacks and minimize damages that may result in cease of operations and even significant financial losses.


The company's experts offer a variety of advanced technologies, extensive professional knowledge in the area of cyber protection, communication networks and IT / OT / IoT infrastructures and a professional and meticulous response based on many years of experience in managing complex projects for the public, security, government and civil sectors.


CyberIL is the leading integrator in Israel of the global company FORESCOUT for IT / OT / IoT protection solutions and is the sole GOLD partner in Israel.

The company has a full commitment to the customer and their needs, respects their resources and works to bring a real and substantial added value to its customers.


Cuttting edge Cyber  Security products & services

Advanced 24/7 Cyber Monitoring & Defense for SMB's

Leading protection solution for IT/OT/IOT & NAC

Glass Buildings

Services and specialties

Cyber Monitoring and Defense for SMB companies 24/7. A new service that includes providing process for the network assets of your organization.
Upon detection, the system performs a blocking process and the possible prevention of cyber damages to your organization. The service includes a professional response team for managing, supporting and handling the event in real time. A central control interface for preventing attacks, malware, ransoms, etc.

Critical infrastructure protection
We specialize in implementing critical infrastructure protection solutions for the world of ICS / OT / IoT industrial control systems and mapping the OT assets in the organization, with an emphasis on the growing threats and the potential potential for damage in the event of an attack.

NAC - Device Visibility & Control 

The leading company in Israel in the world of Device Visibility & Control and the most advanced NAC solution in the world from Forscout. Providing solutions for protection, detection, classification, assessment and inventory management of all network components and end stations in the organization, and providing advanced enforcement capabilities


P.S. and Integration 

Providing planning, integration, management and execution of projects in the worlds of cyber defense, communication networks and IT infrastructure. The company's experts with very much experience and deep knowledge of the market while fully adapting to the customer's needs.



Business Continuity Plan - Providing a solution to business continuity and functional continuity in the event of a disaster, cyber malfunction or critical damage to infrastructure. This is done by writing procedures and work plans that are binding on all parties in the organization, and adapting appropriate technological solutions.


Addressing regulatory requirements is one of the significant factors in meeting the organization's information security level, meeting regulatory requirements and developing the organization's business capacity: writing procedures and policies, preparing for ISO 27001 and ISO-27799 assessments, Privacy Protection Act and GDPR.

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CyberIL LTD  

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