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Risk assessment

Risk assessment is a structured process, conducted according to a predetermined methodology. It is designed to identify the risks lurking, and assess the degree of their severity. Discovery of critical exposures of the organization’s information assets from the aspects of confidentiality, integrity, and availability enable examination of the level of preparedness for cyber incidents (1); improve the level of information security (2); enable the organization to comply with regulation (3).

CyberIL performs risk assessments (for processes as well as infrastructures) in accordance with the organization’s needs and commitment (according to the type of organization, type of information, and regulation requirements), while the survey components are modular and their content is determined by the needs of the organization and the customer.

 Penetration Testing

The information assets, infrastructure and organizational production processes are often hotbeds of attack for hackers. Performing professional penetration testing will identify the weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities of the organization at the infrastructural and applicative level and in the human dimension and define necessary actions to standardize and reduce the risk to the organization.

In order to work for continuous improvement on the part of the organization and as a preventive measure against these risks, CyberIL offers intrusion testing services that are performed proactively in order to reduce the attack margin in front of the organization's assets. 

Supply Chain Security

Prevent and halt attempts to attack and sabotage the supply chain, and avoid a variety of repercussions and far-reaching consequences.


CyberIL provides risk management services and solutions that enhance the level of supply chain security in the organization. Our professional response is provided by highly experienced experts, deeply familiar with the challenges involved with the supply chain in many organizations. Risk management and supply chain security shall provide optimal coverage for all the organization’s requirements, in congruence with supply chain activity and needs, and according to the required scope.


CISO as a Service

Despite the ever-increasing cyber threats at the present time, many organizations in both the private and public and defense sectors lack the resources to employ in-house information security professionals, whose only job would be leveraging information security in the organization.

CyberIL provides CISO as a Service solutions through outsourcing.

Our professional response is provided by highly experienced experts, deeply familiar with the challenges of information security in organizations, and what facing them involves.

Employee training

To raise employees, awareness of various aspects of information security, in a way that will significantly improve their conduct, and enable improved protection of the organization’s assets.

CyberIL offers a wide range of frontal and online training, tailored to the organizational target audience, stemming from the need to enhance the level of information security and awareness of it. All training is offered in Hebrew and English, and is intended for all organization employees – from the CEO to the last employee.

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