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Cyberil is happy to offer its customers a new service that includes providing profesional monitoring process for the network assets of your organization by the interactive platform.

When a potential threat is detected, the system  alerts immediately to reduce and neutralize the threat by a team of analysts and incident response team.

The service includes a real time professional response team, intelligence, and forensic team for managing, supporting, and handling the event.

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24/7 Monitoring

and protection

Cyber protection


Protection from


The protection process is carried out from anywhere. even for devices that are not connectedn to the organization network

Installation of a component required for continuous monitoring of network assets and handling of cyber incidents

Constant scanning of the network for purpose of detecting intrusion attempts, malicious events and cyber-attacks

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15 years of


in design, implementation and integration of complex projects and working whith large organizations

MDR (Managed EDR)

A key component used as a palatform for security, identification, and endpoint response and which provides to organizations the means to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats


All data are connected to the SEIM, which process and identify the threats to prevent cyber  attacks

24/7 connection and monitoring to a center staffed by expert analysts according to the following process: monitor, detect, alert, block and prevent, report

Unique and friendly platform for managing a dialog between customer and monitoring center

Risk Assessment (Separately)

A risk assessment for mapping and scoring the security level of the organization

Service Packages

MDR installation (Managed EDR)

Connection to monitoring center, control, alerts and handling cyber incidents



MDR installation (Managed EDR)

Connection to monitoring center, control, alerts and handling cyber incidents

Collecting data from all organizational systems for identifying threats and neutralizing them (FW, Mail Relay, AD etc)


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